The Arcslinger – Snapchat Code

New Snapchat Code Now Available!!

The Arcslinger – Press Release

Get Ready to Sling Some Arcs in “The Arcslinger”! Available Now Exclusively on Daydream.

The Arcslinger – Launch Trailer (OFFICIAL)

Get Ready to Sling Some Arcs in “The Arcslinger” Available Now Exclusively on Daydream!

The Arcslinger – Announcement Trailer (OFFICIAL)

Get ready to be the hero you didn’t know you could be in The Arcslinger, a VR experience coming soon to Daydream.

The Arcslinger is Coming

Get yer trigger finger ready in the fast paced arcade shootin’ VR world of The Arcslinger.

Allegiant VR now on Steam

Check our work for our friends at Lionsgate and WEVR on the Divergent series’ Allegiant VR experience on Vive.

Allegiant VR: Allegiant VR 360 capture

And here is the Allegiant VR 360 video of the experience.

John Wick VR: Chapter One

Excited to work with our friends at WEVR, Lionsgate and Starbreeze on John Wick VR: Chaper One for the HTC Vive.

Sonic Boom E3 2014 trailer

E3 ’14 trailer introducing original BRB created super villain Lyric and his forces.

Gamasutra Sonic Boom Interview

Bob’s interview re Boom’s different direction.