January 29, 2017

Jeff has been programming since 1992 for games, television, and film. He has worked on many interactive 3D projects for a variety of clients including nVidia, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Sony, Ion Storm, Exakt Entertainment, EA, Luxoflux, and Activision. Jeff has developed game engines designed for first person shooters, third person character driven action titles, outdoor based terrain systems, and continuously streaming open world game engines. He has specialized in advanced graphic engines emphasizing real-time character animation, physics and dynamic simulation, as well as custom tools for audio and video processing. He also wrote the monthly Graphic Content column for Game Developer Magazine from 1998-2001, co-founded the Game Technology Seminars, and has edited several game programmer books.

  • The Arcslinger (2016), Google
  • The Allegiant VR Experience (2016), Lionsgate
  • God of War III, PS4 Remastered (2015), SCEA
  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (2014), Sega
  • LMNO” (2008/Unreleased), Electronic Arts, Inc.
  • True Crime: New York City (2005), Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Shrek 2 (2004), Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • True Crime: Streets of LA (2003), Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Anachronox (2001), Eidos Interactive Ltd.
  • Supercar Street Challenge (2001), Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Dark Reign: The Future of War (1997), Activision, Inc.